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English NameWillow Flycatcher
Scientific NameEmpidonax traillii
German NameWeidenschnäppertyrann
Spanish NameMosquero Saucero
French NameMoucherolle des saules
Willow Flycatcher E.traillii
Willow Flycatcher E.traillii
Peters Family NameTYRANNIDAE(Fluvicolinae):Tyrant FlycatchersOrder4,863.0
Sibley Monroe Family NameTYRANNIDAE(Tyranninae):Tyrant FlycatchersOrder4,320.0
Gill Family NameTYRANNIDAE:Tyrant FlycatchersOrder4,319.0
New 2013 Family NameTYRANNIDAE,Fluvicolinae,Contopini:Pewees,Empidonax & AlliesOrder5,442.000
English Synonyms
  • Traill's Flycatcher
Authority(Audubon 1828)
Habitatbreeds moist,shrubby habitats,often nr water:wet to dry upland & lowland habitats w. willow etc;Uses similar habitats during migration;winter habitats include shrubby forest borders,open woodland,pastures & arid scrub;br to 2500m;migr.mostly below 1000m
breeds late May to June
Long distance migrant. Winters in S Mexico,Central America and N South America,rare south to NE Ecuador.Migrates at night. Departs  breeding grounds mid-August to September;Eastern populations swing west before heading south, avoiding SE USA in a circum-Gulf or trans-Gulf of Mecio route to Central & South America. Rare in Cuba & Jamaica during autumn migration.Central & Western populations pass through Mexico August to October & more abundant on Pacfic slope than on Interior or Caribbean slope, Adults migrate earlier than juveniles, which may be stimulated to depart breeding grounds by declining insect resources.
On return migration, passes through Mexico April to early June;trans-Gulf route unlikely for eastern populations in spring.Arrives on breeding grounds late May to early June.