English Name Slender-billed Prion
Scientific Name Pachyptila belcheri
German Name Dünnschnabel-Sturmvogel
Spanish Name Pato-petrel Picofino
French Name Prion de Belcher
Slender-billed Prion
Peters Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE:Fulmars,Petrels and Shearwaters Order 116.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE(Procellariinae):Petrels,Shearwaters Order 3954.0
Gill Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE:Shearwaters,Petrels,Fulmars Order 160.0
New 2013 Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE,Pachyptilinae:Prions Order 128.0
English Synonyms
Narrow-billed Prion
Thin-billed Prion
$Pachyptila crassirostris pyramidalis Jouanin & Mougin,1979,in Mayr & Cottrell,Checklist of the Birds of the World,2nd ed.,1,p.84. (=P.t.eatoni)
Authority (Mathews 1912)
Marine & pelagic,but during breeding often feeds inshore or in shallow offshore waters,sometimes in areas of upwelling.Breeds in coastal areas, with soft or stony soil and low vegetation.
"Broadly from mid Oct to early Apr..."(HANZAB,1,p.531)   
Disperses widely over Southern Ocean after breeding. Absent from breeding areas March to September.Birds from Falkland Islands apparently move west,gathering in large flocks off western South America & ranging north to 15°S. Indian Ocean birds regularly move east,occurring regularly off Australia and New Zealand.but few records off South Africa.