English Name Red-naped Ibis
Scientific Name Pseudibis papillosa
German Name Warzenibis
Spanish Name Ibis Verrucoso
French Name Ibis noir
Red-naped Ibis
Peters Family Name THRESKIORNITHIDAE(Threskiornithinae):Ibises Order 405.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name THRESKIORNITHIDAE:Ibises,Spoonbills Order 3835.0
Gill Family Name THRESKIORNITHIDAE:Ibises,Spoonbills Order 554.0
New 2013 Family Name THRESKIORNITHIDAE,Threskiornithinae:Threskiornine Ibises and Spoonbills Order 410.0
English Synonyms
  • Black Ibis
  • Indian Black Ibis
  • Oriental Black Ibis
$Ibis gonocephala Wagler,1829,Isis (Oken),p.761. (YYYYYYYYYY).
Authority (Temminck 1824)
Habitat rivers,marshes,inundated land,farmlands;lowlands
Breeding "March-October in N India,later further S,though season variable;in Nepal,nest building reported in January." (HBW,1,p.494)
Mainly sedentary, with some nomadic movements related to rainfall in recent times.Rare visitor to southeast Pakistan, mainly during monsoon season.