English Name Monteiro's Storm-Petrel@
Scientific Name Thalobata monteroi
German Name Azorenwallenläufer
Spanish Name Paíño de Monteiro
French Name Océanite de Monteiro
Monteiro's Storm-Petrel@
Peters Family Name HYDROBATIDAE:Storm Petrels Order 165.4
Sibley Monroe Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE(Hydrobatinae):Storm-Petrels Order 4017.4
Gill Family Name HYDROBATIDAE:Storm-Petrels Order 205.4
New 2013 Family Name HYDROBATIDAE:Northern Storm-Petrels Order 11024.0
English Synonyms
$Thalassidroma fregata Buller,1873,A history of the birds of New Zealand,p.321. ("Not so plentiful off the New Zealand coast as [[Ardenna griseus]").
Authority (Bolton et al. 2008)
breeds on small islands;forages over open ocean
egg-laying late April/early May to early July
Apparently restricted to vicinity of Azores.