English Name African Sacred Ibis
Scientific Name Threskiornis aethiopicus
German Name Heiliger Ibis
Spanish Name Ibis Sagrado
French Name Ibis sacré
African Sacred Ibis
Peters Family Name THRESKIORNITHIDAE(Threskiornithinae):Ibises Order 399.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name THRESKIORNITHIDAE:Ibises,Spoonbills Order 3831.0
Gill Family Name THRESKIORNITHIDAE:Ibises,Spoonbills Order 550.0
New 2013 Family Name THRESKIORNITHIDAE,Threskiornithinae:Threskiornine Ibises and Spoonbills Order 403.0
English Synonyms


<Tantalus cristatus Boddaert,1783,Table des Planches enluminéez d'histoire naturelle,de M.D'Aubenton,p.51;based on"Courly hupé,de Madagascar" of Daubenton,1770-83,pl.841.(Madagascar,ex Daubenton.)
Authority (Latham 1790)
Habitat open moist areas, cultivated fields,plains,rivers, coastal lagoons
Breeding "Often starts shortly after or during rains,but in flooded areas lays in dry season."(HBW,1,p.493)
Migrates several hundred kilometres north or south of equator to breeds in rains , those north of equator moving north towards Sahara, and those south the equor moving south.At the ends of the rains or early dry season,both groups return towards equator. Sixty birds ringed in South Africa were recovered Zambia (furthest distance 1336 km).