English Name Javan Woodcock
Scientific Name Scolopax saturata
German Name Malaienschnepfe
Spanish Name Chocha Oscura
French Name Bécasse de Java
Javan Woodcock
Peters Family Name SCOLOPACIDAE(Scolopacinae):Woodcocks,Snipe Order 1550.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name SCOLOPACIDAE(Scolopacinae):Woodcocks,Snipes Order 3006.0
Gill Family Name SCOLOPACIDAE:Woodcocks,Snipes,Sandpipers,Phalaropes Order 1409.0
New 2013 Family Name SCOLOPACIDAE,Scolopacinae:Dowitchers,Snipes and Woodcocks Order 1571.0
English Synonyms
  • Dusky Woodcock
  • East Indian Woodcock
  • Javanese Woodcock
$Scolopax mira 1965,The Birds of the Palearctic Fauna,A Systematic Reference,Non-Passeriformes,p.429.
Authority Horsfield 1821
Habitat damp montane forests with moderate or dense understorey;mountains 1500-3700m
Breeding Breeds during wet season,Feb-Apr in Jave;chicks in mid-May on Sumatra;in E New Guinea observed roding during Aug-Sept. (HBW,3,p.489)