English Name Fluttering Shearwater
Scientific Name Puffinus gavia
German Name Flattersturmtaucher
Spanish Name Pardela Gavia
French Name Puffin volage
Fluttering Shearwater
Peters Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE:Fulmars,Petrels and Shearwaters Order 144.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE(Procellariinae):Petrels,Shearwaters Order 3978.0
Gill Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE:Shearwaters,Petrels,Fulmars Order 184.0
New 2013 Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE,Puffininae:Shearwaters Order 152.0
English Synonyms
  • Brown-beaked Shearwater
  • Forster's Shearwater
$Puffinus [puffinus] opisthomelas Sibley & Monroe,1990,Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World,p.326..
Authority (Forster 1844)
Habitat Marine. More frequent than other shearwaters in inshore waters,frequenting small bays and harbours. Only pelagic during migration.Breeds on coastal islands,occupying slopes,cliffs and rocky beaches,often with grass,shrubs or trees.
Breeding "Broadly Aug-Feb.,but no precise data.Laying end Sept-early Oct." (HANZAB,1,p.653)
Partial migrant. Adults apparently fairly sedentary. Immatures cross Tasman Sea to winter off Southeast Australia,where some may stay over the summer.Rarely occurs east to Chatham Islands.