English Name Galapagos Petrel
Scientific Name Pterodroma phaeopygia
German Name Galapagossturmvogel
Spanish Name Petrel des Galapágos
French Name Pétrel des Galapagos
Galapagos Petrel
Peters Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE:Fulmars,Petrels and Shearwaters Order 104.5
Sibley Monroe Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE(Procellariinae):Petrels,Shearwaters Order 3934.0
Gill Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE:Shearwaters,Petrels,Fulmars Order 140.0
New 2013 Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE,Pterodrominae:Gadfly Petrels Order 115.0
English Synonyms
  • Dark-rumped Petrel
$Pterodroma sandwichensis Sibley,1994,Birds of the World, v.1.5.
Authority (Salvin 1876)

Marine & pelagic,normally keeping well away from land,except at colonies.Breeds on thickly vegetated high ground.

Breeding "Starts Jan or May (...depending on locality)." (HBW,1,p.243)
Probably disperses east twoards Humboldt Current after breeding.