English Name Wandering Albatross
Scientific Name Diomedea exulans
German Name Wanderalbatros
Spanish Name Albatros viajero
French Name Albatros hurleur
Wandering Albatross
Peters Family Name DIOMEDEIDAE:Albatrosses Order 60.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE(Diomedeinae):Albatrosses Order 3989.0
Gill Family Name DIOMEDEIDAE:Albatrosses Order 100.0
New 2013 Family Name DIOMEDEIDAE:Albatrosses Order 68.0
English Synonyms
  • Cape Wandering Albatross
  • Snowy Albatross
  • White-winged Albatross
<Tinamotis ingoufi Oustalet,1890,Annales des Sciences Naturelles,Zoologie,Paris,sér.7,9,p.18.(vicinity of Santa Cruz, Patagonia)
Authority Linnaeus 1758
Habitat marine,pelagic & aerial. breedson islands
Breeding "Most eggs laid between December & February...chicks hatch in Mar-Apr & fledge 40 weeks later"
Migratory or dispersive.Adults and young disperse or migrate. Birds from Gough Island [dabbenena] apparently confined to South Atlantic or South African waters ..Those breeding Antipodes[antipodensis],Auckland[gibsoni] and Campbell Islands[exulans] & [antipodensis] apprently restricted to Tasman Sea and South Pacific Ocean. Movments of birds from southern banding sites [exulans] probably circumpolar.Some birds breeding South Georgia and Iles Crozet migrate regularly to NSW; Immatures also appear to have more northerly distribution in South Atlantic and Tasman Sea in winter.