English Name Laysan Albatross
Scientific Name Phoebastria immutabilis
German Name Laysanalbatros
Spanish Name Albatros de Laysan
French Name Albatros de Laysan
Laysan Albatross
Peters Family Name DIOMEDEIDAE:Albatrosses Order 66.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name PROCELLARIIDAE(Diomedeinae):Albatrosses Order 3996.0
Gill Family Name DIOMEDEIDAE:Albatrosses Order 106.0
New 2013 Family Name DIOMEDEIDAE:Albatrosses Order 74.0
English Synonyms
$Phoebastria nigripes reischekia Mathews,1930,Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club,51,p.29. (New Zealand).
Authority (Rothschild 1893)
Habitat marine & pelagic,rarely approaching land except at colonies;breeds on oceanic islands with low vegetation or none.
Breeding "Most eggs are laid in Nov-Dec,hatch in Jan-Feb,and most chicks fledge in Jun-July"
Disperses over much of North Pacific Ocean after breeding,as far north as Bering Sea & eastwards to Pacific coast of North America.Most numerous on west side of North Pacific with large numbers off east Japan.