English Name Stitchbird@
Scientific Name Notiomystis cincta
German Name Hihi
Spanish Name Hihi
French Name Méliphage hihi
Peters Family Name MELIPHAGIDAE:Honeyeaters Order 9638.3
Sibley Monroe Family Name MELIPHAGIDAE:Honeyeaters,Australian Chats Order 6321.3
Gill Family Name MELIPHAGIDAE:Honeyeaters Order 6322.3
New 2013 Family Name NOTIOMYSTIDAE:Stitchbird Order 8227.0
English Synonyms
  • Hihi
  • Ihi
  • Kotihe
  • Pogornis
Entomyzon cyanotis
Authority (DuBus de Gisignies 1839)
Habitat dense native forests with some seasonal movements betwenn forest types to exploit seasonal flowering & fruiting.On Little Barrier Island prefers mature most hardwood forest,esp mixed forests of tawa & northern rata;recoirded at all altitudes from lowest valleys to 732mbut mainly on lower ridges & valleys to 300m
Recorded September-October to February -March,but not synchronous within populations;first eggs usually mid-October but on Kapiti 1st clutches laid 16 Nov-9 Dec in one year but 5th-19 Dec in next.
Sedentary.Individuals move several kilometres to exploit seasonally flowering & fruiting plants.