English Name Berlepsch's Tinamou
Scientific Name Crypturellus berlepschi
German Name Berlepschtinamu
Spanish Name Tinamú Tizón
French Name Tinamou de Berlepsch
Berlepsch's Tinamou
Peters Family Name TINAMIDAE:Tinamous Order 21.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name TINAMIDAE:Tinamous Order 21.0
Gill Family Name TINAMIDAE:Tinamous Order 9.0
New 2013 Family Name TINAMIDAE,Tinaminae:Forest Tinamous Order 26.0
English Synonyms
$Nothocercus nigrocapillus nigrocapillus Hellmayr & Conover,1942,Field Museum of Natural History,Zoological Series,13,pt.1,no.1,p.27.
Authority (Rothschild 1897)
Habitat very humid forest,and dense second growth;lowlands & lower foothills to 900m
Breeding "Very little known.Feb in Colombia." (HBW,1,p.128)