English Name Hodgson's Treecreeper
Scientific Name Certhia hodgsoni
German Name
Spanish Name
French Name
Hodgson's Treecreeper
Peters Family Name CERTHIIDAE(Certhiinae):Treecreepers Order 7612.6
Sibley Monroe Family Name CERTHIIDAE(Certhiinae,Certhiini):Northern Creepers Order 6968.6
Gill Family Name CERTHIIDAE:Creepers Order 6969.6
New 2013 Family Name CERTHIIDAE:Treecreepers Order 10927.0
English Synonyms
!Certhia Linnaeus,1758,Systema Naturae,editio decima,tom.1,p.118.Type,by tautonymy,Certhia familiaris Linnaeus,1758.
Authority Brooks 1873
Habitat breeds in silver fir-birch zone to treeline;winters in conifer & mixed forest; 2000-4100m
Breeding India breeds May-June
Resident with altitudinal migration lower in winter;Pakistan & India 2400m-3600m;wintering.down.to.2100m;Nepal 3000-4100m;winters.from.2000.to.at.least.3655m;Bhutan 2435-4120m.