English Name Hoary-headed Grebe@
Scientific Name Poliocephalus poliocephalus
German Name Haarschopftaucher
Spanish Name Zampullín Canoso
French Name Grèbe argenté
Hoary-headed Grebe@
Peters Family Name PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes Order 208.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes Order 3666.0
Gill Family Name PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes Order 69.0
New 2013 Family Name PODICIPEDIDAE:Grebes Order 216.0
English Synonyms
  • Dabchick
  • Hoary-headed Dabchick
$Podilymbus podicipes Ogilvie-Grant,1898,Catalogue of the Birds in the British Museum,26,p.553. (part,spec.u'-x') (Lake Atitlan). Not Colymbus podiceps Linnaeus,1758.
Authority (Jardine & Selby 1827)

Prefers open,unsheltered wetlands;also uses temporary wetlands,esp.those occurring in inland after heavy rains.More common on large bodies of fresh water,but occasionally also found on small farm pools;also brackish or saline waters of bays & estuaries

Breeding "Generally said to be Oct to Jan.;breeding records in Vic from Sept to Jan..." (HANZAB,1,p.105)
Some regular movements in coastal areas.,at least in southeast Australia,where large flocks gather in winter on bays & estuaries,or on permanent inland lakes.Highly dispersive to more arid parts of range,where flocks of thousands can turn up in swamps shortly after rise in water level.Some long distance movements,with birds reaching remote lakes.Recent colonization of New Zealand.  Apparently shows a stronger tendency to fly by day than other grebes.