English Name Fiordland Penguin@
Scientific Name Eudyptes pachyrhynchus
German Name Dickschnabelpinguin
Spanish Name Pingüino de Fiordland
French Name Gorfou du Fiordland
Fiordland Penguin@
Peters Family Name SPHENISCIDAE:Penguins Order 183.5
Sibley Monroe Family Name SPHENISCIDAE:Penguins Order 3892.5
Gill Family Name SPHENISCIDAE:Penguins Order 89.5
New 2013 Family Name SPHENISCIDAE:Penguins Order 190.0
English Synonyms
  • Big-crested Penguin
  • Drooping Crested Penguin
  • Fiordland Crested Penguin
  • New Zealand Crested-Penguin
  • New Zealand Penguin
  • Snares Crested Penguin (robustus)
  • Snares Island Crested-Penguin (robustus)
  • Snares Island Penguin (robustus)
  • Thick-billed Crested-Penguin
  • Thick-billed Penguin
  • Victoria Crested-Penguin
  • Victoria Penguin
#Eudyptes chrysocome chrysocome {sArgentina,Falkland.Is.}     
Authority G.R.Gray 1845
Habitat Typically nests on slopes in wet coastal rainforest;also along rocky coasts in hollows.Otherwise pelagic[pachyrhynchus].Marine,probably pelagic outside breeding season.Nests in muddy forested areas,also rocky slopes[robustus}
Breeding "from winter to early summer.Males tend to arrive first,earliest by 12 June;by 12 July 70% of sites occupied[pachyrhynchus]." (HANZAB,1,p.202);"Colonies occupied from late Aug.to early Feb. Main .I. first eggs 18 Sept,latest 19-20 Oct."(HANZAB,1,p.211)
Dispersive.Pre-moult period at sea 60-70 days;birds remain at sea from March to June-July,after completion of moult & before start of subsequent breeding season.Regularly occurs off Se Australia and Tasmania.[pachyrhynchus].Dispersive.Pre-moult period at sea ca. 69.days;birds remain at sea from May to August,after completion of moult and before start of subsequent breeding season. Largely confined to seas to east & west of Snares Is;vagrant to SE Australia and Tasmania. Single record from Falkland Is is only record outside local area.[robustus]