English Name Black-backed Bittern
Scientific Name Ixobrychus dubius
German Name
Spanish Name
French Name
Black-backed Bittern
Peters Family Name ARDEIDAE(Botaurinae,Botaurini):Bitterns Order 349.6
Sibley Monroe Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Bitterns,Egrets Order 3793.6
Gill Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Egrets,Bitterns Order 516.6
New 2013 Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Egrets and Bitterns Order 10953.0
English Synonyms
$Botaurus pusillus C.L.Brehm,1831,Handbuch der Naturgeschichte aller Vögel Deutschlands,p.598.(Germany)
Authority Mathews,1912
Habitat reedbeds,swamps
Breeding "in Australia Oct-Jan" (HBW,1,p.426)
Moves from South to North Australia,and perhaps on to southern New Guinea. part of population of northern Australia apparently sedentary;only record from New Zealand was juvenile.