English Name Black-crowned Night-Heron
Scientific Name Nycticorax nycticorax
German Name Nachtreiher
Spanish Name Martinete Común
French Name Bihoreau gris
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Peters Family Name ARDEIDAE(Nycticoracinae,Nycticoracini):Night Herons Order 332.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Bitterns,Egrets Order 3777.0
Gill Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Egrets,Bitterns Order 500.0
New 2013 Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Egrets and Bitterns Order 336.0
English Synonyms
  • Black-capped Night-Heron
  • Night Heron
$N[ycticorax] v[iolaceus] pauper Martinez-Vilalta & Motis,1992,Family Ardeidae(Herons), in del Hoyo,Elliott & Sargatal(eds),Handbook of the Birds of the World,1,p.419.
Authority (Linnaeus 1758)
Habitat marshes,swamps,ponds,lakes,lagoons,mangroves
Breeding "Season varies considerably with region" (HBW,1,p.419)