English Name Malayan Night-Heron
Scientific Name Gorsachius melanolophus
German Name Wellenreiher
Spanish Name Martinete Malayo
French Name Bihoreau malais
Malayan Night-Heron
Peters Family Name ARDEIDAE(Nycticoracinae,Nycticoracini):Night Herons Order 339.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Bitterns,Egrets Order 3784.0
Gill Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Egrets,Bitterns Order 507.0
New 2013 Family Name ARDEIDAE:Herons,Egrets and Bitterns Order 343.0
English Synonyms
  • Malay Bittern
  • Malay Night-Heron
  • Tiger Bittern
$Gorsachius [melanolophus] goisagi Sibley & Monroe,1190,Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World,p.308.
Authority (Raffles 1822)
Habitat streams,marshy areas in humid forest;lowlands to 1800m
Breeding "Very little known.In SW India May-Aug during heavy rains;in Assam (NE India),mainly May-Jun" (HBW,1,p.421)