English Name Mississippi Kite
Scientific Name Ictinia mississippiensis
German Name Mississippiweih
Spanish Name Elanio del Mississipí
French Name Milan du Mississippi
Mississippi Kite
Peters Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE(Acciptrinae):Hawks,Eagles Order 455.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles Order 3382.0
Gill Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE:Hawks,Eagles and Kites Order 610.0
New 2013 Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE,Buteoninae:Buteos and Allies Order 461.0
English Synonyms
$Oceanodroma [markhami] tristrami Sibley & Monroe,1990,Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World,p.330.
Authority (Wilson 1811)
Habitat woodland,windbreaks,clumps of trees for nesting;woodland edge, grassland, and savanna for feeding;also agricultural land & towns;riparian habitats
Breeding "May-Jul." (HBW,2,p.118)