English Name African Fish-Eagle
Scientific Name Icthyophaga vocifer
German Name Schreiseeadler
Spanish Name Pigargo Vocinglero
French Name Pygargue vocifer
African Fish-Eagle
Peters Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE(Acciptrinae):Hawks,Eagles Order 467.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles Order 3391.0
Gill Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE:Hawks,Eagles and Kites Order 621.0
New 2013 Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE:Haliaeetinae:Sea- and Fish-Eagles Order 471.0
English Synonyms
$Icthyphaga leucogaster leucogaster New combination 18 April,2013.
Authority (Daudin 1800)
Habitat seacoasts,rivers,lakes,swamps
Breeding "May lay any month;generally low-water conditions w.peak October-December/January W.Africa;July-October Uganda;June-August S.Africa."