English Name Meyer's Goshawk
Scientific Name Astur meyerianus
German Name Meyerhabicht
Spanish Name Azor de Meyer
French Name Autour de Meyer
Meyer's Goshawk
Peters Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE(Acciptrinae):Hawks,Eagles Order 568.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles Order 3498.0
Gill Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE:Hawks,Eagles and Kites Order 728.0
New 2013 Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE,Asturinae,Asturini:Astur Hawks Order 581.0
English Synonyms
  • Papuan Goshawk
$Accipiter henstii Peters,1931,Checklist of Birds of the World,1,p.208.
Authority (Sharpe 1878)
Habitat hill & montane forest,edge & adjac.native gardens;lowlands-1800m
Breeding "Season apparently long,from austral winter to early summer;copulation observed late May/early Jun;specimen in breeding condition in Sept."(HBW,2,p.163)