English Name Grey-faced Buzzard
Scientific Name Butastur indicus
German Name Kiefernteesa
Spanish Name Busardo Carigrís
French Name Busautour à joues grises
Grey-faced Buzzard
Peters Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE(Acciptrinae):Hawks,Eagles Order 579.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE(Accipitrinae):Hawks,Eagles Order 3506.0
Gill Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE:Hawks,Eagles and Kites Order 736.0
New 2013 Family Name ACCIPITRIDAE,Buteoninae:Buteos and Allies Order 589.0
English Synonyms
$Butastur [indicus] teesa Sibley & Monroe,1990,Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds,p.280.
Authority (J.F.Gmelin 1788)
Habitat mixed wooded areas near open areas,often near water in hilly country
Breeding "Laying May." (HBW,2,p.167)