English Name Sooty Honeyeater@
Scientific Name Melionyx fuscus
German Name Buntwarzen-Honigfresser
Spanish Name Mielero Fuliginoso
French Name Méliphage fuligineux
Sooty Honeyeater@
Peters Family Name MELIPHAGIDAE:Honeyeaters Order 8040.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name MELIPHAGIDAE:Honeyeaters,Australian Chats Order 5395.0
Gill Family Name MELIPHAGIDAE:Honeyeaters Order 5396.0
New 2013 Family Name MELIPHAGIDAE,Meliphaginae:Honeyeaters,Wattlebirds,Miners(incertae sedis) Order 8253.0
English Synonyms
  • Sooty Melidectes
Ptiloprora perstriata
Authority (De Vis 1897)
Habitat mossy upper montane & high montane forest,forest edges & alpine shrubbery;from about 2200m, mainly above 3000m,up to treeline at about 3700m;found locally in Ok Tedi area at 1700m
nest with an egg Mt Wilhelm in October;nest with a chick Mt Hagen in early October;nest with one young Tari Gap early November;nests Bulldog Road Morobe Province April & nest with chick April;juvenile in Wharton in July.Records fall into two periods:one at end of wet and beginning of dry season, the other in late dry season.