English Name Reed Cormorant
Scientific Name Microcarbo africanus
German Name Riedscharbe
Spanish Name Cormorán Africano
French Name Cormoran africain
Reed Cormorant
Peters Family Name PHALACROCORACIDAE(Phalacrocoracinae):Cormorants Order 269.0
Sibley Monroe Family Name PHALACROCORACIDAE:Cormorants Order 3697.0
Gill Family Name PHALACROCORACIDAE:Cormorants Order 235.0
New 2013 Family Name PHALACROCORACIDAE:Cormorants Order 274.0
English Synonyms
  • Madagascar Long-tailed Cormorant (pictilis)
  • Reed Cormorant
  • Reed-Duiker
!(ctd): the species analysed by Kennedy,Gray & Spencer,2000, was melanoleucos,which was basal to the whole cormorant clade, so their analysis casts little light on this issue. 
Authority (J.F.Gmelin 1789)
Habitat rivers,lakes,swamps,coasts;well-marked movements.W.Afr;irreg.elsewhere
Breeding "Season variable with region,with breeding recorded in all months; sometimes opportunistic,after rains and flooding..." (HBW,1,p.353)