English Name Scientific Name German Name Spanish Name
Torresian Imperial-Pigeon Ducula spilorrhoa Kaiserfruchttaube Dúcula Australiana
Timor Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula cineracea Schieferrücken-Fruchttaube Dúcula de Timor
Dark-backed Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula lacernulata Schwarzrücken-Fruchttaube Dúcula Dorsioscura
Mountain Imperial-Pigeon Ducula badia Fahlbauch-Fruchttaube Dúcula Dorsicastaña
Collared Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula mullerii Schwarzhals-Fruchttaube Dúcula Acollarada
Pinon's Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula pinon Rotaugen-Fruchttaube Dúcula de Pinon
Black Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula melanochroa Mohrenfruchttaube Dúcula Negra
Pink-Bellied Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula poliocephala Graukopf-Fruchttaube Dúcula Ventrirrosa
White-Bellied Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula forsteni Weißbauch-Fruchttaube Dúcula de Forsten
Mindoro Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula mindorensis Mindorofruchttaube Dúcula de Mindoro
Grey-headed Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula radiata Rotflanken-Fruchttaube Dúcula Colibarrada
Cinnamon-bellied Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula basilica Halmaherafruchttaube Dúcula Moluqueña
Purple-tailed Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula rufigaster Rostbauch-Fruchttaube Dúcula Ventrirrufa
Finsch's Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula finschii Finschfruchttaube Dúcula de Finsch
Rufescent Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula chalconota Bronzerücken-Fruchttaube Dúcula Capuchina
Zoe's Imperial Pigeon Ducula zoeae Halsband-Fruchttaube Dúcula de Zoé
Spotted Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula carola Hufeisen-Fruchttaube Dúcula de Carlota
Sombre Pigeon@ Cryptophaps poecilorrhoa Fleckenbauch-Fruchttaube Paloma Culipinta
New Zealand Pigeon@ Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae Maorifruchttaube Paloma Maorí
Topknot Pigeon@ Lopholaimus antarcticus Haubenfruchttaube Paloma Bicrestada
Papuan Mountain-Pigeon Gymnophaps albertisii Albertistaube Paloma Montana Papú
Pale Mountain-Pigeon@ Gymnophaps solomonensis Malaitataube Paloma Montana de las Salomón
Buru Mountain-Pigeon@ Gymnophaps mada Madataube Paloma Montana Moluqueña
Negros Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus arcanus Negrosfruchttaube Tilopo de Negros
Whistling Fruit-Dove@ Chrysoena layardi Smaragdtaube Tilopo de la Kadavu
Golden Dove@ Chrysoena luteovirens Goldtaube Tilopo Dorado
Seychelles Blue-Pigeon@ Alectroenas pulcherrimus Warzenfruchttaube Paloma Azul de Seychelles
Rodrigues Blue-Pigeon@+ Alectroenas rodericanus
Comoro Blue-Pigeon Alectroenas sganzini Komorenfruchttaube Paloma Azul de las Comores
Madagascar Blue-Pigeon@ Alectroenas madagascariensis Madagaskarfruchttaube Paloma Azul Malgache
Mauritius Blue-Pigeon@+ Alectroenas nitidissimus
Cloven-feathered Dove@ Drepanoptila holosericea Spaltschwingentaube Tilopo de Nueva Caledonia
Marquesan Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula galeata Marquesasfruchttaube Dúcula de las Marquesas
Polynesian Imperial-Pigeon Ducula aurorae Aurorafruchttaube Dúcula de las Sociedad
Micronesian Imperial-Pigeon Ducula oceanica Karolinenfruchttaube Dúcula de Micronesia
Pacific Imperial-Pigeon Ducula pacifica Tongafruchttaube Dúcula del Pacifico
Red-knobbed Imperial-Pigeon Ducula rubricera Rothöcker-Fruchttaube Dúcula Cejarroja
Spice Imperial-Pigeon Ducula myristicivora Schwarzhöcker-Fruchttaube Dúcula Ceranegra
Elegant Imperial-Pigeon Ducula concinna Blauschwanz-Fruchttaube Dúcula Coliazul
Green Imperial-Pigeon Ducula aenea Bronzefruchttaube Dúcula Verde
Island Imperial-Pigeon Ducula pistrinaria Nelkenfruchttaube Dúcula Insular
Christmas Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula whartoni Weihnachtsfruchttaube Dúcula de la Christmas
Pink-headed Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula rosacea Inselfruchttaube Dúcula Rosácea
Spectacled Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula perspicillata Brillenfruchttaube Dúcula de Anteojos
Seram Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula neglecta Seramfruchttaube Dúcula de Seram
Grey Imperial-Pigeon Ducula pickeringii Pickeringfruchttaube Dúcula Gris
Barking Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula latrans Braunschwanz-Fruchttaube Dúcula Labradora
Vanuatu Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula bakeri Kurzflügel-Fruchttaube Dúcula de Nuevas Hébridas
Chestnut-bellied Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula brenchleyi Brenchleyfruchttaube Dúcula de las Salomón
Goliath Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula goliath Riesenfruchttaube Dúcula Goliat
Pied Imperial-Pigeon Ducula bicolor Zweifarben-Fruchttaube Dúcula Bicolor
Silver-tipped Imperial-Pigeon@ Ducula luctuosa Elsterfruchttaube Dúcula Luctuosa
Scarlet-capped Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus insularis Silberwangen-Fruchttaube Tilopo de la Henderson
Lilac-crowned Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus rarotongensis Raratongafruchttaube Tilopo de Raratonga
Rapa Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus huttoni Rapafruchttaube Tilopo de Rapa
Purple-capped Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus porphyraceus Purpurscheitel-Fruchttaube Tilopo Coronipúrpura
Red-bellied Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus greyi Greyfruchttaube Tilopo de Grey
Silver-capped Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus richardsii Silberkappen-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Richards
Palau Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus pelewensis Palaufruchttaube Tilopo de las Palau
Mariana Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus roseicapilla Rosenkopf-Fruchttaube Tilopo de las Marianas
Many-colored Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus perousii Perousefruchttaube Tilopo Multicolor
Superb Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus superbus Prachtfruchttaube Tilopo Soberbio
Beautiful Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus pulchellus Rotkappen-Fruchttaube Tilopo Bonito
Coroneted Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus coronulatus Veilchenkappen-Fruchttaube Tilopo Coronito
Blue-capped Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus monacha Blaukappen-Fruchttaube Tilopo Monje
Orange-bellied Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus iozonus Orangebauch-Fruchttaube Tilopo Ventrinaranja
Knob-billed Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus insolitus Knopffruchttaube Tilopo Insólito
White-bibbed Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus rivoli Korallenfruchttaube Tilopo de Rivoli
Yellow-bibbed Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus solomonensis Gelbbauch-Fruchttaube Tilopo de las Salomón
Claret-breasted Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus viridis Rotlatz-Fruchttaube Tilopo Pechirrojo
White-headed Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus eugeniae Schneekopf-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Eugenia
Dwarf Fruit-Dove@ Chrysoena naina Zwergfruchttaube Tilopo Enano
Grey-headed Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus hyogastrus Blaukopf-Fruchttaube Tilopo Cabecigris
Carunculated Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus granulifrons Karunkelfruchttaube Tilopo Carunculado
Black-naped Fruit-Dove Chrysoena melanospila Schwarzkappen-Fruchttaube Tilopo Nuquinegro
Jambu Fruit-Dove Ramphiculus jambu Jambufruchttaube Tilopo Jambú
Wallace's Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus wallacii Weißkehl-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Wallace
Orange-fronted Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus aurantiifrons Goldstirn-Fruchttaube Tilopo Frentiáureo
Ornate Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus ornatus Schmuckfruchttaube Tilopo Adornado
Pink-spotted Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus perlatus Perlenfruchttaube Tilopo Perlado
Tanna Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus tannensis Silberfleck-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Tanna
Orange Dove@ Chrysoena victor Orangetaube Tilopo Naranja
Yellow-breasted Fruit-Dove@ Ramphiculus occipitalis Gelbbrust-Fruchttaube Tilopo Occipital
Red-eared Fruit-Dove@ Ramphiculus fischeri Rotohr-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Fischer
Cream-bellied Fruit-Dove@ Ramphiculus merrilli Merrillfruchttaube Tilopo de Merrill
Flame-breasted Fruit-Dove@ Ramphiculus marchei Blutschwingen-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Marche
Banggai Fruit-Dove@ Ramphiculus subgularis Braunkinn-Fruchttaube Tilopo Barbioscuro
Wompoo Fruit-Dove Megaloprepia magnifica Purpurbrust-Fruchttaube Tilopo Magnifico
Scarlet-breasted Fruit-Dove@ Megaloprepia bernsteinii Scharlachbrust-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Bernstein
Black-chinned Fruit-Dove Ramphiculus leclancheri Schwarzkinn-Fruchttaube Tilopo Barbinegro
Banded Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus cinctus Weißkopf-Fruchttaube Tilopo Dorsinegro
Black-banded Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus alligator Graubauch-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Alligator
Red-naped Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus dohertyi Rahmkopf-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Sumba
Pink-headed Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus porphyreus Rothals-Fruchttaube Tilopa Cuellirrosa
White-capped Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus dupetithouarsii Weißkappen-Fruchttaube Tilopo Coroniblanco
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus regina Königsfruchttaube Tilopo Reina
Red-moustached Fruit-Dove@+ Ptilinopus mercierii Rotbart-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Mercier
Grey-green Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus purpuratus Tahitifruchttaube Tilopo de las Sociedad
Makatea Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus chalcurus Makateafruchttaube Tilopo de la Makatea
Atoll Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus coralensis Tuamotufruchttaube Tilopo de Tuamotu
Oberholser's Fruit-Dove@ Ramphiculus epius Oberholser-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Oberholser
Sula Fruit-Dove@ Ramphiculus mangoliensis Sula-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Sula
Ponape Fruit-Dove@ Ptilinopus ponapensis Ponape-Fruchttaube Tilopo de Ponape
Negros Fruit-Dove@ Chrysoena arcana Negrosfruchttaube Tilopo de Negros
Seram Mountain-Pigeon@ Gymnophaps stalkeri Seramtaube Paloma Montana de Seram

Help with Searching

My work on birds is carried out in a huge database, where I can have all records open at once. However, converting details on over 10,000 species of birds at once into html is not possible, so the information in my database can be accessed via a search engine, or by going to a family group.

Here is some advice on searching. You may like to try the examples cited below to get experience with searching.

You can search on Scientific Name (for example, “Rallus longirostris”); or on English Name (for example, “Clapper Rail”); or on French Name “Râle gris”; or German Name (for example, “Klapperralle”); or Spanish Name (for example “Rascón Piquilargo”). You can search on only one of these at a time. If the search finds a unique match, it will display full details of the species. Note that some of the fields, which may contain large amounts of information, require you to click on a “Click to see full text” to view the information in a separate window.

If the search finds more than one match, it will display all species that match the search term. For example, if you type just “Rallus” against Scientific Name, the detail of all birds in the genus Rallus will be displayed. You are warned against typing a search term that will produce hundreds of records, such as “Flycatcher” under English Name, as the resulting list may overwhelm your computer’s memory.

If you enter a search term under English Synonym ( for example, “Little Cassowary”), if the search finds a unique match, it will display the details of the species to which this name relates (in this case “Dwarf Cassowary” Casuarius bennettii). If the search term finds more than one match among English Synonyms, it will display all species that have a match with the search term ( for example, try just “Cassowary”. This will list all species that have an English synonym that includes the word “Cassowary”.)

You can also search by Scientific Synonym. For example, if you type “Scolopax obscura”, the following record will be displayed:
Scolopax obscura S.G.Gmelin,1784,Reise durch Russland zur Untersuchung der drey Reiche,3,p.90,pl.17. (Shore of Caspian Sea). (= R.a.aquaticus)

The search may retrieve more than one record. For example, if you search for “Rallus gularis”, you will get both the following records:
Rallus gularis Horsfield,1821,Transactions of the Linnaean Society of London,13,pt.1,p.196.(Java.), which is the basis of Gallirallus striatus gularis; and
Rallus gularis Lesson(ex Cuvier MS),”1831”,Traité d'Ornithologie(1830),p.536. (Madagascar). Not Rallus gularis of Horsfield,1821. (= D.c.cuvieri), which is a synonym, though not available because it is pre-occupied, of Dryolimnas cuvieri cuvieri.

Of course if you use a single word as a search term, such as “Hypotaenidia”, your search will produce all synonyms containing this term.

You should be aware that I have reproduced exactly the name as it was cited by the original author. For example, Gallirallus was originally proposed by Lafresnaye,1841 as “Galli-rallus”. And the ligature “æ” was widely used before the twentieth century, as in “Anser cærulescens Bonnaterre,1790”.
I am in the process of going through my file and replacing all instances of spelling which deviate from the modern spelling with, for example, “Gallirallus [as Galli-rallus] Lafresnaye,1841”.
Another problem is that where a citation has abbreviated the name, the abbreviated portions of the name are reproduced in brackets. For example, in G. R. Gray, 1844-49, the genus was abbreviated to the first letter; thus we find C[achinna] herpetotheres.

If you enter a term under Generic Name, if a unique match is found, it should display a single record. For example, if you enter “Rallus”, the following will be displayed:
Rallus Linnaeus,1758,Systema Naturae....editio decima,tom.1,pars 1,p.153.Type,by subsequent designation (Fleming,1821,Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society,3,p.176.),Rallus aquaticus Linnaeus,1758.

Note that this is case-sensitive, for example if you type Rallus, the citation for “Gallirallus” will not be displayed, nor that for “Laterallus”.

Since my checklist is extensively annotated, this search will also display any notes that apply to a generic name. For example, if you searched for “Lyrurus”, the following will be produced:
Lyrurus Swainson,”1831”,in Swainson & Richardson,Fauna Boreali-Americana,2(1832),p.497.Type,by original designation,Tetrao tetrix Linnaeus,1758.
Note!:Madge & McGowan,2002,Pheasants,Partridges and Grouse,p.368 resurrect Lyrurus as a genus:"Though often absorbed within Tetrao,the two species of black grouse form a distinctive pair...both Lyrurus have quite ornate,peculiarly twisted tails and
(ctd!) indulge in communal lekking, which differs considerably from the often solitary "popping" of forest-living capercaillies."

Searching for a Subgeneric name is similar. For example, if you enter “Tricholimnas”, you will get:
Tricholimnas Sharpe,1893,Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club,1,p.28.Type,by original designation,Tricholimnas lafresnayanus (Verreaux) = Gallirallus lafresnayanus J. Verreaux & Des Murs,1860.
And as is usual with subgeneric names, a following note:
Note>:Tricholimnas contains only G.lafresnayanus.

Finally, you can search on Generic or Subgeneric Synonym. If you type “Nesolimnas”, you will get:
Nesolimnas Andrews,1896,Novitates Zoologicae,3,pp.260,266.Type,by monotypy,Rallus dieffenbachii G.R.Gray,1843. (= Hypotaenidea)
The entry on brackets indicates that this is a synonym of the subgeneric name Hypotaenidea.

Note that such searches will not infrequently produce more than one result. This will include cases where a name was originally cited as a Nomen nudum (that is, no type species was designated), and later cited with a valid type species. It will also include cases of Homonyms, where the later name will be marked “Not….”.

If you have any further queries, please email jpenhall@bigpond.net.au