English Name Scientific Name German Name Spanish Name
Saffron Siskin Sporagra siemiradzkii Safranzeisig
Olivaceous Siskin Sporagra olivacea Olivzeisig
Black-headed Siskin Sporagra notata Schwarzbrustzeisig
Yellow-bellied Siskin Sporagra xanthogastra Gelbbauchzeisig
Black Siskin Sporagra atrata Schwarzzeisig
Yellow-rumped Siskin Sporagra uropygialis Kordillerenzeisig
Black-chinned Siskin Sporagra barbata Bartzeisig
American Goldfinch Astrigalinus tristis Goldzeisig
Lesser Goldfinch Astrigalinus psaltria Mexikanerzeisig
Lawrence's Goldfinch Astrigalinus lawrencei Maskenzeisig
European Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis Stieglitz
Common Redpoll Acanthis flammea Birkenzeisig
Lesser Redpoll Acanthis cabaret Alpenbirkenzeisig
Hoary Redpoll Acanthis hornemanni Polarbirkenzeisig
Twite Linaria flavirostris Berghänfling
Eurasian Linnet Linaria cannabina Bluthänfling
Yemen Linnet Linaria yemenensis Jemenhänfling
Warsangli Linnet@ Linaria johannis Somalihänfling
Plain Mountain-Finch Leucosticte nemoricola Waldschneegimpel
Black-headed Mountain-Finch Leucosticte brandti Mattenschneegimpel
Sillem's Mountain-Finch@ Leucosticte sillemi
Asian Rosy-Finch Leucosticte arctoa Rosenbauch-Schneegimpel
Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch Leucosticte tephrocotis
Black Rosy-Finch@ Leucosticte atrata
Brown-capped Rosy-Finch@ Leucosticte australis
Spectacled Finch Callacanthis burtoni Burtongimpel
Eurasian Crimson-winged Finch Rhodopechys sanguineus Rotflügelgimpel
Trumpeter Finch Bucanetes githagineus Wüstengimpel
Mongolian Finch Rhodopechys mongolicus Mongolengimpel
Desert Finch Rhodospiza obsoleta Weißflügelgimpel
Long-tailed Rosefinch Carpodacus sibiricus Meisengimpel
Blanford's Rosefinch Agraphospiza rubescens Blanfordgimpel
Dark-breasted Rosefinch Procarduelis nipalensis Dünnschnabelgimpel
Common Rosefinch Erythrina erythrina Karmingimpel
Purple Finch Haemorhous purpureus Purpurgimpel
Cassin's Finch Haemorhous cassinii Cassingimpel
House Finch Haemorhous mexicanus Hausgimpel
Himalayan Beautiful Rosefinch Carpodacus pulcherrimus Schmuckgimpel
Chinese Beautiful Rosefinch Carpodacus davidianus
Pink-rumped Rosefinch Carpodacus eos Auroragimpel
Pink-browed Rosefinch Carpodacus rodochroa Rosenbrauengimpel
Vinaceous Rosefinch Carpodacus vinaceus Rubingimpel
Dark-rumped Rosefinch Carpodacus edwardsii Edwardsgimpel
Pale Rosefinch Carpodacus synoicus Einördgimpel
Pallas's Rosefinch Carpodacus roseus Rosengimpel
Three-banded Rosefinch Carpodacus trifasciatus Bindengimpel
Spot-winged Rosefinch Carpodacus rodopeplus Fleckengimpel
Sharpe's Rosefinch Carpodacus verreauxii
Himalayan White-browed Rosefinch Carpodacus thura Weißbrauengimpel
Chinese White-browed Rosefinch Carpodacus dubius
Red-mantled Rosefinch Carpodacus rhodochlamys Rosenmantelgimpel
Blyth's Rosefinch Carpodacus grandis
Streaked Great Rosefinch Carpodacus rubicilloides Gebirgsgimpel
Caucasian Great Rosefinch Carpodacus rubicilla Berggimpel
Spotted Great Rosefinch Carpodacus severtzovi
Red-fronted Rosefinch Carpodacus puniceus Felsengimpel
Tibetan Rosefinch Carpodacus roborowskii Roborowskigimpel
Bonin Grosbeak@+ Chaunoproctus ferreorostris
Pine Grosbeak Pinicola enucleator Hakengimpel
Yemen Serin Crithagra menachensis
Ankober Serin@ Crithagra ankoberensis Ankobergirlitz
Streaky Seedeater Crithagra striolata Strichelgirlitz
Yellow-browed Seedeater Crithagra whytii
Thick-billed Seedeater Crithagra burtoni Dickschnabelgirlitz
Kipengere Seedeater@ Crithagra melanochroa
Principe Seedeater@ Crithagra rufobrunnea Prinzengirlitz
White-winged Seedeater@ Crithagra leucoptera Weißflügelgirlitz
Cape Siskin@ Pseudochloroptila totta Hottentottengirlitz
Drakensberg Siskin@ Pseudochloroptila symonsi Basutogirlitz
Black-headed Canary@ Alario alario Alariogirlitz
Mountain Serin Chrysocorythus estherae Malaiengirlitz
Sao Tome Grosbeak@ Crithagra concolor Einfarbgirlitz
Oriole Finch Linurgus olivaceus Pirolgimpel
Golden-winged Grosbeak Rhynchostruthus socotranus Goldflügelgimpel
Citril Finch Carduelis citrinella Zitronengirlitz
European Greenfinch Chloris chloris Grünling
Grey-capped Greenfinch Chloris sinica Chinagrünling
Yellow-breasted Greenfinch Carduelis spinoides Himalayagrünling
Vietnamese Greenfinch@ Chloris monguilloti
Black-headed Greenfinch Chloris ambigua Schwarzkopfgrünling
Eurasian Siskin Spinis spinus Erlenzeisig
Pine Siskin Spinis pinus Fichtenzeisig
Black-capped Siskin Spinus atriceps Guatemalazeisig
Andean Siskin Sporagra spinescens Andenzeisig
Yellow-faced Siskin Sporagra yarrellii Yarrellzeisig
Red Siskin Sporagra cucullata Kapuzenzeisig
Thick-billed Siskin Sporagra crassirostris Dickschnabelzeisig
Hooded Siskin Sporagra magellanica Magellenzeisig
Antillean Siskin Spinus dominicensis Haitizeisig
Tibetan Serin Chionomitris thibetanus Himalayagirlitz
Cape Canary Serinus canicollis Gelbscheitelgirlitz
Yellow-crowned Canary Serinus flavivertex
Abyssinian Siskin@ Serinus nigriceps Schwarzkopfgirlitz
African Citril Crithagra citrinelloides Dünnschnabelgirlitz
East African Citril Crithagra hyposticta
Western Citril Crithagra frontalis
Black-faced Canary Crithagra capistrata Zügelgirlitz
Papyrus Canary Crithagra koliensis Papyrusgirlitz
Forest Canary@ Crithagra scotops Waldgirlitz
White-rumped Seedeater Crithagra leucopygia Weißbürzelgirlitz
Olive-rumped Serin Crithagra rothschildi
Yellow-throated Seedeater@ Crithagra flavigula Shoagirlitz
Abyssinian Yellow-rumped Seedeater@ Crithagra xanthopygia
Salvadori's Seedeater@ Crithagra xantholaema
Reichenow's Seedeater Crithagra reichenowi
Southern Yellow-rumped Seedeater Crithagra atrogularis Angolagirlitz
Lemon-breasted Seedeater Crithagra citrinipectus Gelbbrustgirlitz
Yellow-fronted Seedeater Crithagra mozambica Mozambikgirlitz
Abyssinian Grosbeak-Canary Crithagra donaldsoni Kernbeigergirlitz
Kenya Grosbeak-Canary Crithagra buchanani
White-bellied Canary Crithagra dorsostriata Weißbauchgirlitz
Yellow Canary Crithagra flaviventris Gelbbauchgirlitz
Brimstone Canary Crithagra sulphurata Schwefelgirlitz
White-throated Canary Crithagra albogularis Weißkehlgirlitz
West African Seedeater Serinus canicapillus
Reichard's Seedeater Crithagra reichardi Miombogirlitz
Streaky-headed Seedeater Crithagra gularis Brauengirlitz
Black-eared Seedeater Crithagra mennelli Schwarzwangengirlitz
Brown-rumped Seedeater Crithagra tristriata Rüppellgirlitz
Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs Buchfink
Teydefinch@ Fringilla teydea Teydefink
Brambling Fringilla montifringilla Bergfink
Fire-fronted Serin Serinus pusillus Rotstringirlitz
European Serin Serinus serinus Girlitz
Syrian Serin Serinus syriacus Zederngirlitz
Island Canary Serinus canaria Kanarengirlitz
Corsican Finch@ Carduelis corsicanus Korsischer Zitronengirlitz
Corsican Finch@ Carduelis corsicanus Korsischer Zitronengirlitz
Somali Grosbeak@ Rhynchostruthus louisae Somali-Goldflügelgimpel
Arabian Grosbeak@ Rhynchostruthus percivali
Mongolian Finch Bucanetes mongolicus Mongolengimpel
Crimson-browed Finch Carpodacus subhimachalus Rhododendrongimpel
Scarlet Finch Erythrina sipahi Scharlachgimpel
Parrot Crossbill Loxia pytyopsittacus Kiefernkreuzschnabel
Scottish Crossbill@ Loxia scotica Schottischer Kreuzschnabel
Red Crossbill Loxia curvirostra Fichtenkreuzschnabel
White-winged Crossbill Loxia leucoptera Bindenkreuzschnabel
Brown Bullfinch Pyrrhula nipalensis Schuppenkopfgimpel
White-cheeked Bullfinch@ Pyrrhula leucogenis Weißwangengimpel
Orange Bullfinch Pyrrhula aurantiaca Goldrückengimpel
Red-headed Bullfinch Pyrrhula erythrocephala Rotkopfgimpel
Grey-headed Bullfinch Pyrrhula erythaca Maskengimpel
Eurasian Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula Gimpel
Azores Bullfinch@ Pyrrhula murina Azorengimpel
Baikal Bullfinch Pyrrhula cineracea
Hawfinch Coccothraustes coccothraustes Kernbeißer
Yellow-billed Grosbeak Eophona migratoria Weißhand-Kernbeißer
Japanese Grosbeak Eophona personata Maskenkernbeißer
Black-and-yellow Grosbeak Mycerobas icterioides Goldkernbeißer
Collared Grosbeak Mycerobas affinis
Spot-winged Grosbeak Mycerobas melanozanthos Fleckenkernbeißer
White-winged Grosbeak Mycerobas carnipes Wacholderkernbeißer
Evening Grosbeak Hesperiphona vespertina Abendkernbeißer
Hooded Grosbeak Hesperiphona abeillei Abeillekernbeißer
Gold-naped Finch Pyrrhoplectes epauletta Mohrengimpel
Taiwan Rosefinch@+ Carpodacus formosanus Taiwangimpel Camachuelo de Taiwan

Help with Searching

My work on birds is carried out in a huge database, where I can have all records open at once. However, converting details on over 10,000 species of birds at once into html is not possible, so the information in my database can be accessed via a search engine, or by going to a family group.

Here is some advice on searching. You may like to try the examples cited below to get experience with searching.

You can search on Scientific Name (for example, “Rallus longirostris”); or on English Name (for example, “Clapper Rail”); or on French Name “Râle gris”; or German Name (for example, “Klapperralle”); or Spanish Name (for example “Rascón Piquilargo”). You can search on only one of these at a time. If the search finds a unique match, it will display full details of the species. Note that some of the fields, which may contain large amounts of information, require you to click on a “Click to see full text” to view the information in a separate window.

If the search finds more than one match, it will display all species that match the search term. For example, if you type just “Rallus” against Scientific Name, the detail of all birds in the genus Rallus will be displayed. You are warned against typing a search term that will produce hundreds of records, such as “Flycatcher” under English Name, as the resulting list may overwhelm your computer’s memory.

If you enter a search term under English Synonym ( for example, “Little Cassowary”), if the search finds a unique match, it will display the details of the species to which this name relates (in this case “Dwarf Cassowary” Casuarius bennettii). If the search term finds more than one match among English Synonyms, it will display all species that have a match with the search term ( for example, try just “Cassowary”. This will list all species that have an English synonym that includes the word “Cassowary”.)

You can also search by Scientific Synonym. For example, if you type “Scolopax obscura”, the following record will be displayed:
Scolopax obscura S.G.Gmelin,1784,Reise durch Russland zur Untersuchung der drey Reiche,3,p.90,pl.17. (Shore of Caspian Sea). (= R.a.aquaticus)

The search may retrieve more than one record. For example, if you search for “Rallus gularis”, you will get both the following records:
Rallus gularis Horsfield,1821,Transactions of the Linnaean Society of London,13,pt.1,p.196.(Java.), which is the basis of Gallirallus striatus gularis; and
Rallus gularis Lesson(ex Cuvier MS),”1831”,Traité d'Ornithologie(1830),p.536. (Madagascar). Not Rallus gularis of Horsfield,1821. (= D.c.cuvieri), which is a synonym, though not available because it is pre-occupied, of Dryolimnas cuvieri cuvieri.

Of course if you use a single word as a search term, such as “Hypotaenidia”, your search will produce all synonyms containing this term.

You should be aware that I have reproduced exactly the name as it was cited by the original author. For example, Gallirallus was originally proposed by Lafresnaye,1841 as “Galli-rallus”. And the ligature “æ” was widely used before the twentieth century, as in “Anser cærulescens Bonnaterre,1790”.
I am in the process of going through my file and replacing all instances of spelling which deviate from the modern spelling with, for example, “Gallirallus [as Galli-rallus] Lafresnaye,1841”.
Another problem is that where a citation has abbreviated the name, the abbreviated portions of the name are reproduced in brackets. For example, in G. R. Gray, 1844-49, the genus was abbreviated to the first letter; thus we find C[achinna] herpetotheres.

If you enter a term under Generic Name, if a unique match is found, it should display a single record. For example, if you enter “Rallus”, the following will be displayed:
Rallus Linnaeus,1758,Systema Naturae....editio decima,tom.1,pars 1,p.153.Type,by subsequent designation (Fleming,1821,Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society,3,p.176.),Rallus aquaticus Linnaeus,1758.

Note that this is case-sensitive, for example if you type Rallus, the citation for “Gallirallus” will not be displayed, nor that for “Laterallus”.

Since my checklist is extensively annotated, this search will also display any notes that apply to a generic name. For example, if you searched for “Lyrurus”, the following will be produced:
Lyrurus Swainson,”1831”,in Swainson & Richardson,Fauna Boreali-Americana,2(1832),p.497.Type,by original designation,Tetrao tetrix Linnaeus,1758.
Note!:Madge & McGowan,2002,Pheasants,Partridges and Grouse,p.368 resurrect Lyrurus as a genus:"Though often absorbed within Tetrao,the two species of black grouse form a distinctive pair...both Lyrurus have quite ornate,peculiarly twisted tails and
(ctd!) indulge in communal lekking, which differs considerably from the often solitary "popping" of forest-living capercaillies."

Searching for a Subgeneric name is similar. For example, if you enter “Tricholimnas”, you will get:
Tricholimnas Sharpe,1893,Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club,1,p.28.Type,by original designation,Tricholimnas lafresnayanus (Verreaux) = Gallirallus lafresnayanus J. Verreaux & Des Murs,1860.
And as is usual with subgeneric names, a following note:
Note>:Tricholimnas contains only G.lafresnayanus.

Finally, you can search on Generic or Subgeneric Synonym. If you type “Nesolimnas”, you will get:
Nesolimnas Andrews,1896,Novitates Zoologicae,3,pp.260,266.Type,by monotypy,Rallus dieffenbachii G.R.Gray,1843. (= Hypotaenidea)
The entry on brackets indicates that this is a synonym of the subgeneric name Hypotaenidea.

Note that such searches will not infrequently produce more than one result. This will include cases where a name was originally cited as a Nomen nudum (that is, no type species was designated), and later cited with a valid type species. It will also include cases of Homonyms, where the later name will be marked “Not….”.

If you have any further queries, please email jpenhall@bigpond.net.au