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Bad News Sun 10 March,2013

News: Bad News Sun 10 March,2013


Bad News Sun 10 March,2013 


Hi Friends,
I recently received some very bad news.  On 14 February, I was diagnosed with Bulbar Onset Motor Neurone Disease.  As the average life expectancy for this disease is four years, it appears it will be impossible for me to finish this project. But I will keep going as long as I can. My highest priority now is to get the all the Family data and sequence numbers for the New Family List.  I started by adding this data one at a time, but realized this would take too long.  So my web master is going to take the completed data from my database and copy it into the website at one hit.  I am also using the exercise to update my database, taking into account splits, lumps and new species.  Some of these involve changes ot the other Family orders.  But again, the webmaster will be able to update all the revised Peters, Sibley-Monroe and Gill family orders at one hit. I doubt that anyone else will be prepared to take over this project when I am gone.  I am also worried that the website will simply disappear a month after my death, as I will not be able to make the monthly payments to my ISP.  So if anyone is able and willing to grant it a new home, such as a university website, please let me know.
John M Penhallurick


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