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Update 1 Aug 2015

News: Update 1 Aug 2015


Update 1 Aug 2015 



John Penhallurick, my dearest husband, died on 5 September 2014, almost exactly 2 years after the first symptoms of Motor Neurone Disease.  He worked on this website for much of that time and found it a good distraction.  He also negotiated with his friend Edward Dickenson to see if it was possible for the Trust for Avian Systematics, based in the UK, to take over the hosting of the website.  Since John’s death, honouring John’s wishes, I have continued discussions with the Trust and it is expected that WorldBirdInfo will be transferred to the Trust for Avian Systematics in the next few months.  Access to the website will be the same however.

Elizabeth Penhallurick


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